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GHH offers civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, and construction services, with specialized skills in the following areas:

  • Water / Wastewater - conveyance and treatment facilities;
  • Landfill Closure - gas collection, and flare unit installations;
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation - systems including catalytic oxidizer, acid gas scrubber, bioventing, air stripper, carbon, and chemical treatment;
  • Underground Storage Tank - compliance removal and installation
  • Excavation - earthwork services

GHH provided construction services for excavation and bioremediation of approximately 2,500cy of diesel and 1,000cy of gasoline impacted soil, resulting in sire remediation and closure.
GHH designed and installed a groundwater recovery and U.V. treatment system at a 650 acre landfill site including 10,000 feet of piping and 15 recovery wells.

GHH's run-time construction staff includes project and construction managers, estimators, superintendents and foremen, and fully equipped and trained field personnel. GHH's operations are based in Citrus Heights with shops containing the necessary inventory and equipment for system fabrication and field operations.

GHH has established field offices at various construction sites within California. Construction crews are 40-hour OSHA and emergency response trained personnel with DOT certified vehicles for hazardous waste operations. GHH also maintains the nece8~ insurance and bonding capacity to work in hazardous waste management.

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