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GHH ENGINEERING, INC. is familiar with numerous technologies available for soil and groundwater remediation. Some of the treatment technologies used by our firm include:

  • Bioremediation
  • Air Stripping
  • Vapor Extraction / Thermal Oxidation
  • Carbon Adsorption

To determine the most efficient and effective method of soil and groundwater treatment, a comprehensive site analysis is completed. By evaluation and interpretation of the results, the proper treatment method may be chosen.

Construction of the desired system is accomplished "in-house" under direct supervision of the design engineer and installed at the site by our field personnel. Careful monitoring and operation of the system is provided by our staff to insure that the treatment is successful.

AIR STRIPPING An air stripping treatment system is designed to removed, volatile organic chemicals from contaminated water using mass transfer from water to air. Water is pumped to the top of the treatment tower where it is distributed over packing material. The water cascades over the packing while forced air passes upward counter flow to the water, thus "stripping" the volatile compounds from the water.

VAPOR EXTRACTION Contaminated soil is treated by applying a negative pressure (vacuum) to a vapor ~1raction well. The air flow across the soil particles provides the energy to release the contaminant vapor from the pore spaces of the soil and remove it from the soil. The vapor then passes through emission controls or an internal combustion engine and catalytic converter.

CARBON ADSORPTION An aqueous Filtration system is used when low concentration of volatile compounds or when non-volatile compounds such as diesel fuel are present in the groundwater. This system uses a carbon medium with a pore structure that attracts and traps the organics on the surface boundary.

BIOREMEDIATION Bioremediation is the accelerated natural degradation of soil contaminates by bacteria and microorganisms and enhanced by the addition of nutrients and water. It can be used when time is not a requirement for the remediation process.

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